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Mark - This is Mark..We meet him today with family. He is presently looking for part time work and he also is finishing last year in high school. We helped Mark get his Id today. and if you would like to be a sponsor for Mark or help with a monthly donation,it would help others get a... Continue Reading →
Craig - Craig came to The Forgotten Ones, Inc. in disarray after the death of his brother. Lost and alone, struggling to find a place of his own to live. He was given a voucher for Section 8 housing, although it was about to expire next month and he was desperate to find a place before then.... Continue Reading →
Mikey - Michael came into The Forgotten Ones emaciated, lost and homeless. Alcohol had claimed his soul and left him feeling forgotten in the world. We picked him up, gave him hope, as well as a place to stay, then guided him into a christian rehabilitation program at The Faith Farm, where he stayed for 19 months.... Continue Reading →
C.L. Townsend JR. - C.L. Townsend JR. has been part of the The Forgotten Ones for a few years now. He spent 34 years in prison due to drinking and got charged with murder. C.L. has now been out for 10 years and has completely changed his life around. He has been talking in front of The Forgotten Ones and... Continue Reading →
Melvin - Every day at The Forgotten Ones,Inc Resource center we are meeting all kinds of people from different walks of life..Every person has a different journey….We are here to do what we can to help others with a hand up…Melvin is searching for a job and we have sent off for his birth certificate so that he can... Continue Reading →
Student Scholarship Announcements Oviedo-Winter Springs, FL USA - The following student scholarship announcements are for high school students seeking to attend college in the State of Florida who are residents of Seminole County and live in Oviedo,FL or Winter Springs, FL USA. This listing has been compiled from the article “Money on The Table” by Peter Reilly in the Oviedo-Winter Springs Life Magazine,... Continue Reading →
We Support The Fight Against Lupus! - Angela received this purple teddy bear for Christmas from Cindy Cook Executive Director and Founder of The Forgotten Ones, Inc. as a reminder that  Angela is supported in her fight against Lupus. “I have to share that Cindy is wonderful to work for, when I have a flare up or doctors appointments, I can flex... Continue Reading →
Forgotten Families Toy Drive Donations from Family Dollar - Many thanks for the toy drive donations from Cynthia and everyone at Dollar General Oviedo

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