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The Forgotten Ones, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization located in Oviedo, FL and serves Seminole, Orange, and Osceola Counties in the State of Florida. The agency was founded by Ms. Cindy Cook in 2007 with the primary mission to guide and support youth aging out of foster care 18-25 years old with basic needs to become self-sufficient, stable, and productive adults. Ms. Cook began the organization because of her strong ties that existed in the City of Oviedo and having served as Guardian Ad Litem for the State of Florida District Courts for 11 years. She has worked with disadvantaged youth and foster care services for over 20 years. Ms. Cook has over 30 years of combined education, training, and life experience in client services, thrift store operations, fundraising, courts and community service.

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Since the founding of The Forgotten Ones, Inc. the agency has continued to adapt and respond to the emerging needs of our surrounding community. The impact on our local community has been due to economic downturns with increases in unemployment and homelessness over the last several years.  Ms. Cook does not believe in turning anyone away who is willing to help themselves. She believes in cultivating hope, fellowship, and a hand-up to those in need.  Through this philosophy, the agency has transformed to serve more school-aged youth, young adults to age 30 years old, families, and seniors.  Our mission has changed to provide to relief for disadvantaged young adults and families who need assistance with basic human needs.

“I established my 501 (c) (3) as a Resource Center and Thrift Store to reach out to those who need a hand-up focusing on youth 18-25 years old, working on an individual basis. I partnered with other programs for housing, rehab, mentoring, work programs, counseling and more. As we grew in the community, the needs changed, and we now we help more people. Right now, we see a lot of youth and families, they come in for services through our Resource Center, we do a case plan to see what they need, and start helping with our assistance and referrals. We coordinate all their services.” – Cindy Cook, Founder and Executive Director

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