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The Forgotten Ones, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in Oviedo, FL. Our public charity status is 509 (a) (2).

Our mission is to: guide and support unsettled young adults especially those who are aging out of foster care, to become noble individuals through Christ.

Young Adults 18-25

Our agency includes The Resource Center. Over 5,879 people in our community have been served through The Resource Center since 2011. Of these, 4,281 were served at our Last Saturday of the Month events. More than 50% of those served were families. The Resource Center has provided case management services for 523 clients to date. All clients receive a completed intake. Services provided include:

  • Identification– Obtaining: Identification Cards and Birth Certificates
  • ACCESS Partner (SNAP)– Help apply or reapply for food stamps
  • Free Cell Phone– Applications for free cell phone programs
  • Emergency Food Pantry– Emergency groceries
  • Free Bread & Pastries-Available daily
  • Free vision services– Eye exam and glasses provided through our partner vision programs
  • Transportation Assistance– Lynx bus passes are provided for employment, interviews  and appointments scheduled through our case manager
  • Referral Services– Referrals for our clients based on their individual case plans, partner with transitional living recovery programs and housing.

Client qualification standards must be met. All services are provided on an as needed basis by appointment only.

 We have student volunteers from area high schools and colleges. We also have volunteers from local churches, community groups, and individuals. We provide mentoring and counseling through court approved community service volunteer hours with emphasis on prevention of engaging in any further criminal activity. Community service volunteers have provided over 14,809 volunteer work hours to our agency Ministry Relief and Donations since 2011.


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