Client Success Stories

  • Craig - Craig came to The Forgotten Ones, Inc. in disarray after the death of his brother. Lost and alone, struggling to find a place of his own to live. He was given a voucher for Section 8 housing, although it was about to expire next month and he was desperate to find a place before then.... Continue Reading →
  • Mikey - Michael came into The Forgotten Ones emaciated, lost and homeless. Alcohol had claimed his soul and left him feeling forgotten in the world. We picked him up, gave him hope, as well as a place to stay, then guided him into a christian rehabilitation program at The Faith Farm, where he stayed for 19 months.... Continue Reading →
  • Client Story of The Month – November 2014 - Meet Robert, one of our client’s who wants to share his story. Robert came to The Forgotten Ones, Inc. over a year ago. He met Cindy when his mother passed away and feels very blessed that he did not loose his faith at that hard time in his life. Robert felt that the guidance, support,... Continue Reading →
  • Allen The NAVY Veteran -

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