caigCraig came to The Forgotten Ones, Inc. in disarray after the death of his brother. Lost and alone, struggling to find a place of his own to live. He was given a voucher for Section 8 housing, although it was about to expire next month and he was desperate to find a place before then. We helped him find a Section 8 apartment, but he was still in need of $300 to move in, for both him and his cat. Although he has a part-time job, it is not enough to make ends meet, so we are also working towards getting him on disability. Craig is among the many we help here at The Forgotten Ones, Inc. every day. If you would like to sponsor or donate towards helping him have a home again, please contact us. Thank you and God Bless!


mikeyMichael came into The Forgotten Ones emaciated, lost and homeless. Alcohol had claimed his soul and left him feeling forgotten in the world. We picked him up, gave him hope, as well as a place to stay, then guided him into a christian rehabilitation program at The Faith Farm, where he stayed for 19 months. Michael slowly began to regain the confidence to venture back out into the world, and was offered a job. Although he was physically incapable of performing the job, Michael knew he could not go back to his life in the woods that he had lived for so long, and The Forgotten Ones would not let him. We have currently found temporary housing for him, while we diligently work with a lawyer to get him on disability, so that he may have a chance to thrive on his own once again. If you would like to help Michael on his journey, by sponsorship, or any of the others we assist please contact us at The Forgotten Ones here at 98 W Broadway, Oviedo, FL 32765.

DSW – March 12th, 2015

Donor Story of The Week, Meet Jerry Redding of My House Fitness in Oviedo and Denise Manara of The Winey Wench in Oviedo Mall. Jerry and Denise had a local business fundraiser and their patrons asked to support our charitable organization. All proceeds were donated today to The Forgotten Ones, Inc. Thank you Jerry, Denise, and everyone else at My House Fitness, and The Winey Wench! We are truly grateful for the support of our local Oviedo community.

Amazed. Inspired. Grateful.

That’s how your generosity makes us feel!

January LSOM Event

We appreciate all of our amazing volunteers who stopped by on January 28th, 2015 to help kick off The New Year here at our Last Saturday of The Month Event! It takes so much dedication and time for this event to b held! We look forward to serving our community in the new year. May God continue to bless you all!



OHS Student Victoria Saliba’s Bake Sale Supporting TFO

Victoria Saliba, Student, Oviedo High School supported The Forgotten Ones, Inc. for her Capstone Project by raising $108.26 from her homemade baked goods on 01/02/2015 and  01/03/2015 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Victoria handmade adorably delicious baked goods for this event., including cupcakes that were frosted to look like sunflowers, &  as Elmo with Marshmallow eyes!

Victoria has been volunteering at our organization since March of 2014 for her Bright Future Scholarship hours while for Oviedo High School. She has completed over 114 volunteer hours in 2014. We applaud volunteers like you Victoria, your efforts are what help The Forgotten Ones, Inc. provide services to so many needy individuals. Thank you for supporting our organization. Amazed. Inspired. Grateful. That’s How Your Generosity Makes Us Feel.

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