mikeyMichael came into The Forgotten Ones emaciated, lost and homeless. Alcohol had claimed his soul and left him feeling forgotten in the world. We picked him up, gave him hope, as well as a place to stay, then guided him into a christian rehabilitation program at The Faith Farm, where he stayed for 19 months. Michael slowly began to regain the confidence to venture back out into the world, and was offered a job. Although he was physically incapable of performing the job, Michael knew he could not go back to his life in the woods that he had lived for so long, and The Forgotten Ones would not let him. We have currently found temporary housing for him, while we diligently work with a lawyer to get him on disability, so that he may have a chance to thrive on his own once again. If you would like to help Michael on his journey, by sponsorship, or any of the others we assist please contact us at The Forgotten Ones here at 98 W Broadway, Oviedo, FL 32765.

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