Client Success Story – Travis

Cindy met Travis downtown at a gathering for the homeless, He was there to receive a meal. Cindy handed him a flyer. As she watched him squinting to read the print she told him to get into contact with us so that we could assist him, since he needed glasses. A week passed by and he came to The Forgotten Ones, Inc. Resource Center. Where he met Brooke our Case Manager. Brooke assisted him with an appointment to get an eye exam and eyeglasses. (Yay! He can see! No more squinting!)

After working with Travis for the next month, we provided a place for him to live and provided counseling for the next two months. We also provided clothing, food, and shared the word of Jesus Christ.

After loads of guidance and counseling we got Travis into a 10 month Christian Program. We made sure that he had transportation there. We also make sure that he knows that he has people who care about him by sending him care packages, and cards. His birthday just passed and we are SO PROUD OF HIM for staying in the program, and remaining faithful to Our God! Which is the most important lesson that we could teach.

We have tons of stories to share, each one is just as important as the next. God has planned a purpose for each, we can help one at a time with your support!

Please support The Forgotten Ones, Inc. so that we can continue to help individuals with a hand up! Thank you

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